2.6M Sit-On-Top Kayak Green
2.6M Sit-On-Top Kayak Green

2.6M Sit-On-Top Kayak Green

Product Code: 2.6M Sit-On-Top Kayak Green

Material: UV treated LLDPE
Product dimensions (LWH):  2600 x 700 x 270 mm
Package dimensions (LWH): 

Makes for an easy ride by combining great stability and ease of handling. 
Unbreakable UV treated LLDPE sourced from USA
Performance hull is stable and quiet and is designed to handle calm or rough waters
Front hatch storage for easy access to bow to stern internal storage
Rear large tank well designed to easily accept your gears
Bow&stern carrying handle 
Drain plug 
Rubber stopper 
Hatch storage & cover 
Side carrying handle with paddle holder 
Black bungee
Maximum Weight Capacity: 100 kg

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